How to Protect Yourself and Prepare for the Coronavirus

Protect Yourself and Prepare for the Coronavirus

Below are the ways to protect yourself and your family from Coronavirus

  1. Stay home as it’s needed. Social distancing is the best solution to keep away from Coronavirus.
  2. Stay informed about all Coronavirus tips to protect yourself
  3. Wash your hands well with soap for around 20 second. Do it often. In case you are out, don’t touch your face until you wash hands. After reaching home, don’t touch things directly before washing hands properly.
  4. Use sanitizer every time you touch things from outside. Clean up objects.
  5. Avoid direct contacts from affected areas or living animals.
  6. Have enough groceries, medicines, and other helpful resources with you.

Stay safe and learn to survive.

For more information and safety tips to protect yourself from Coronavirus, visit World Health Organization (WHO).

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