Electronic Opus - BT and the EDM Symphony Medley!

Electronic Opus - BT and the EDM Symphony Medley!

A music composer who also happens to be a singer, engineer and musical instrument designer, BT is soon going to come out with a mind-blowing new album that will be a fusion of EDM with live symphony, of tradition with technology and of power with peace. The album called Electronic Opus will be launched live during the Miami Music Festival on March 29, 2015. BT is often referred to as the Godfather of electronic music, and has been in the music industry for a long, long time – before EDM existed even as an abstract idea. Knowing the music industry in and out, and with the partnership of Tommy Tallarico as creative director, BT is all set to create a masterpiece that will remain etched in the history of melody as a development that beckoned a new era of music mixing and reworking. BT was never one of those who’d create shallow yet trendy music with mass appeal for instant popularity; he has always been a music maestro whose art appeals to the discerning listener. And now, contrary to what he may have been told by several producers reluctant to invest in the project, he is confident about Electronic Opus winning the admiration of the youth. True EDM fans would truly appreciate the refined level of experience that this blend of electronica and the classical is going to offer them – so believes BT!

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