Why You Must Blog Even If You Are Not Somebody

Blogging is a great platform to share experiences and information and has gained popularity quite recently. Although, a common notion is that blogging is only for celebrities – people who are renowned in one way or the other, there are several reasons you should blog even if you think nobody is reading.

1. You can express yourself

The first and foremost reason to blog is to voice out. We have so many ideas, thoughts, opinions that get jumbled in our head. Putting your thoughts in writing gives clarity to your headspace. The topic of your blog can be anything, a personal experience, some random thought, your opinion on a political or social matter. Blogging is an amazing source of archiving as well. It is a great way to record experiences that you can look back to and share with your future generations.

2. You’ll become a better communicator

The crux of writing is communication. It is simply not enough to have a good idea to share, you need to be able to present that idea in such a way that it inspires, educates and persuades people. With every blog that you write, you are learning new things and you are becoming a better writer as you would not repeat the mistakes you have made in the past.

3. You’ll develop rational thinking

Since the writing process requires recording the thoughts on paper, you’d be encouraged to stop and think further while writing a blog. The blog is going to be a reflection of your thoughts and opinions, therefore you would think critically about them before penning them down.

4. Inspire others

Blogging changes the life of your readers, as much as it changes yours. The information you are putting up on your blog might be helpful to a lot of people. It is like a selfless act of service because it is open to the public on many levels. Just think what an amazing feeling it is when you could motivate others and make a difference in people’s lives. All your energy, time and efforts are paid off.

5. Meet new and interesting people

Making new friends is a wonderful experience. Blogging on common topics will allow you to network and create relationships with likeminded people through emails, comments and social media. You may also connect with other bloggers who seek to help one another. The blogging community, in general, is quite encouraging and friendly.

6. Have fun at work

The most important key to write a successful blog is to have an excitement and passion about your idea, so you can write prolifically about it. It can be about your favorite cuisine, your worst experience in a bank or your thought on parenting. Blogging is a great way to have new learning experience, for example, a heart to heart conversation with a follower of your blog, or doing a guest post for a fellow blogger, or researching on a topic before writing. The more interesting your work is, the more enjoyable it becomes.

7. Create business opportunities for yourself

When you write several blogs on a certain topic, you create a niche for yourself in that domain. The people who need expertise in that area would eventually reach out to you. This creates new career opportunities for you. Also, you can promote your current business, services and products through blogs by providing detailed information regarding the same.

8. You can make money

Though you shouldn’t start blogging keeping monetary gains in mind, however, it is nice to be paid for what you love doing. Not many bloggers earn a lot of money, but with your hard work and commitment, there is a potential to generate revenue from blogging. If your blog is well known, with followers running in more than tens of thousands, you can earn through advertising. Also, you can make money by writing guest blogs on other bloggers’ page.

9. Become an expert

A blog helps bloggers to become experts in a particular field as you develop your thought process around that idea. This makes you research and learn more about that topic and network with others in the same field. With this, you build a unique expertise, which may help you lead to new business prospective and expand your presence online.

10. Blogging leads to a healthier lifestyle

Blogging requires time, commitment, devotion and discipline. Whether sitting down once a day or once a week, writing needs certain amount of dedication towards it. Your entire schedule is planned according to it and it helps you to stop procrastinating things.

With the many benefits that blogging offers, aren’t you tempted to start your own? There are many websites where you can create your own blog for free. So just don on your writing cap and get going!