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Top 10 Most Popular Environment websites

Environment varies from one location to another.  It’s very important to know how the environment one lives in. Explore these websites to know your environment. Best Environment sites

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Benefits of Organic Fertilizers over Inorganic

Whether you are a farmer or gardener, you will want to ensure that your plants get adequate nutrients to facilitate optimal growth. This will make your garden or farm have a better yield. This is where fertilizers come in which help to provide all the necessary nourishment. While you can go for inorganic fertilizer, the real deal is usually better than the synthetic stuff. Here is why. Advantage of Using Organic Fertilizer In comparison to synthetic or inorganic fertilizer, organic fertilizer contains nutrients that are released gradually into the soil. These nutrients are made from animal or vegetable compost and/or coconut fibers which are broken down by microorganisms. As a result, nutrients are delivered to plants at an optimal rate thereby ensuring the plants are always well-nourished. On the other hand, inorganic fertilizers are formulated to break down quickly and easily. So the risk is plants may absorb too many nutrients resulting in an overdose or burning of the leaves. This also leads to acidification of the soil which can destroy beneficial bacteria and microorganisms present in the soil. Organic fertilizers contain ingredients that are biodegradable. Hence, these nutrients do not cause soil or water pollution and do not pose a risk to birds and other wildlife. The same cannot be said about inorganic fertilizers. When it comes to kids and pets, organic fertilizers are considered safe and do not...

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