Most Popular Google Tools

Here are the best free google tools for your work, business and life.

1 Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is Google’s own web browser. It’s fast, effective and well suited to modern day browsing patterns.

2 Google Maps

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GPS is now almost synonymous to Google Maps.

The tool has excellent coverage of nooks and corners around the world and gives you super reliable driving or walking instructions wherever you are.

3 Google Trends

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Google Trends give you an accurate overview of how popular a particular keyword or keyword combination is on Google search.

You can use this to optimize your content so that more and more people can discover it through their searches on Google.

4 Google Voice

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Google Voice lets you make voice calls. You can use it for call forwarding, conference calls and voicemail.

It lets you connect with people from anywhere in the world without having to worry about international calling rates on telephones.

5 Google News

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Google News brings to you the latest news from around the world.

If you like to know what’s happening around you before anyone else does, Google News is the tool for you.

6 Google Books

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Google Books is an ebook platform by Google.

You can download and buy books from the portal that hosts about 5 million titles.

Audio books are available as well.

7 Google AdSense

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Google AdSense lets you make money from your online content Using Google AdSense, you can place advertisements on your own website (or an ad of your product on popular websites along the world), and the advertiser pays the host website a pre-decided sum based on the number of people who clicked that particular ad.

8 YouTube

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YouTube is the world’s most popular medium for watching videos. It hosts millions of videos on every genre thinkable.

You can even get videos of very old movies or documentaries that would be difficult to find otherwise.

9 Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool that lets you measure the performance of your website.

It is suited for amateurs and advanced users alike allowing a great many degrees of abstraction.

You can see which pages and tags are performing best on your website, who a majority of your users are and how much time they are spending on each page, among numerous other thing.

Having this information helps significantly in enhancing performance.

10 Google Search Console Tools (Google Webmaster Tools)

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Google Search Console Tools is a suite of tools intended for use by website owners.

It lets you list your website on Google so that it would show in any relevant search results.

You can use the tool for troubleshooting in case there is a glitch on your website in terms of how it interfaces with the search engine.

11 Google My Business

12 Google Ads

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Google Ads lets you place your ads on Google’s search results and its partner sites.

Whenever a user does a search of something to which your business could be of relevance, Google would automatically place your ad on the results page.

13 Google Blogger

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Google Blogger is a free blogging platform.

You can get an account, create a blog title, customize the appearance of your blogs and post as many blog entries as you like.

14 Google Translate

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You can translate to and from hundreds of language combinations on Google Translate.

The machine translation gets better with every passing year, and you can get basic sentences accurately translated to your language of choice.

This can help you get by in a new place if you don’t speak the native language.

15 Google Developers

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Google Developer is an excellent platform for software developers from around the world to connect and learn.

It hosts several learning seminars on latest developments in the industry and introduces any new tools.

16 Google Android

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Android is Google’s omnipresent operating system for mobile.

It hosts countless apps and makes Smartphone use as easy and innovative as possible. The platform has more number of users than all other mobile platforms combined.

17 Google Shopping

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Google Shopping is a price comparison tool that compares prices across all vendors and sites on the Internet.

You can use it to get the best deal on a product you wish to buy without having to look up prices manually on different websites.

18 Google Play

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Google Play is the Android app store of Google. You can go to Google Play and get a catalog of apps available for download on the Android platform.

It lets you search for apps that match your areas of interest, alongside giving you the rankings and reviews of each.

19 Google Fonts

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Google Fonts offers more than 800 different fonts that you can download and use in your documents and presentations.

You can find here some of the wackiest fonts.

20 Google Sky

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Google Sky is an extraordinarily exciting app for those who harbor an interest in astronomy.

You can use it for identifying constellations, stars and planets in the night sky.

Astronomy enthusiasts will find numerous ways to use the app to their advantage.

21 Google Alerts

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If Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is what plagues you, Google Alerts will alleviate it for you.

You can set alerts for your favorite topics and Google will alert you the moment some new piece of content has been added on it, be it text, image or video.

Google Workspace – Free Business Tools

Business web applications by Google

22 Google Mail (Gmail)

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Gmail is a very efficient and highly customizable mail service that works splendidly for personal use and work use alike.

Moreover, one Gmail account helps you use all of Google’s tools without having to create separate logins for each.

23 Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is an amazing planning and scheduling tool for teams and individuals.

You can set up a calendar for a project for your team and all the team members can have access to it, and any edits will be instantly visible to all the people involved.

24 Google Drive

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Google Drive lets you take backups of your important digital items on your Google account that you can access anytime from anywhere.

So you do not have to worry about a hard drive or a device memory going corrupt – your contents will be safely backed up in the cloud.

25 Google Meet

26 Google Forms

27 Google Docs

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Google Docs this tool lets you create and edit documents that get stored on the cloud instead of your own personal computer.

The benefits of it are that you can access your documents from any device anywhere, and multiple people can work on the same document simultaneously from different locations.

28 Google Sheets

29 Google Slides

30 Google Cloud Search

31 Google Sites

32 Google Chat

33 Google Keep

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You can take notes on any device and keep them safe on Google’s cloud through Google Keep. The service is available on the web and you can also download an app for it.

34 Google Currents

35 Google Jamboard

36 Google Apps Script

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