Google Tools: The Ultimate List of Productivity, Business and Marketing Tools in 2023

Google Tools: The Ultimate List of Productivity, Business and Marketing Tools in 2023
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Below are the most useful free and advanced tools, services and resources built and offered by Google. These Google products can be very helpful in education, business and general life improving the quality of living and increasing one’s productivity.

Most Popular Google Tools

Google Search
Provides users with search capabilities for images, videos, and more.

Google’s e-mail service, Gmail, is free to use. With Gmail, users can synchronize email content through IMAP or POP protocols using web browsers and third-party software.

Google Chrome
Gateway to the web, enabling users to browse the web and use web-based applications and services.

Google Maps
Provides users with maps, directions, and other location-based information.

Google Translate
Provides online translation of text and webpages between languages. Also, check Google Input Tools for your words, your language, anywhere.

Google Photos
Cloud-based picture upload and sharing service that lets users share and store digital photos online.

Google Lens
Incorporates image recognition software to allow users to look up information about objects using their camera or uploaded images.

Google Keep
Note-taking application that lets users create and share notes, lists, and reminders.

Google Drive
Provides cloud-based storage and sharing of files and folders online.

Google Docs
Provides users with the capability of creating and editing documents online.

Google Sheets
It’s a spreadsheet app that allows you to make and edit spreadsheets online.

Google Calendar
A Calendar sharing tool that allows users to setup events, schedule reminders, and share calendars.

Google Meet
Allows users to hold meetings and collaborate online.

Google News
Provides online news aggregation and curation of articles from multiple sources.

Google Slides
A presentation application that allows users to create and edit presentations online.

Google Business and Marketing Tools

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)
Cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools from Google.

Google Analytics
An analytics service for tracking and reporting website traffic.

Google Ads
An advertisement platform developed by Google in which advertisers promote services, products, or videos to web users.

Google Data Studio
A tool for visualizing data that allows users to create reports and dashboards from a variety of data sources.

Google Business Profile
The easiest way to stay in touch with customers and manage your business online including search results and Google Maps.

Google Shopping
An online tool for finding products and comparing prices from retailers.

Google Surveys
online market research tool for creating and conducting surveys.

Google Apps for Work
A web-based email, calendar, and document service for teams.

Google Cloud Platform
Google’s cloud computing platform, which includes computing, storage, data analytics, and machine learning.

Think with Google

The Think with Google site is the digital hub where marketers and advertisers can access insights, trends, research, and case studies. It offers valuable resources to help businesses stay ahead of the curve, including consumer behavior, industry trends, and marketing strategies.

Also, check Digital Marketing Toolbox, tools by Google for your brand’s marketing and web performance.

Google Developer Tools

Google Maps API
Embeds Google Maps into websites and applications.

Google Lighthouse
An open-source tool for evaluating the quality of web pages.

Google Firebase
A web and mobile development platform for developing applications.

Chrome DevTools
Chrome’s own developer tools built directly into the browser.

A web component library based on standard web technologies.

Material Design

Using a design language such as Material Design, Google aims to unify its products across all platforms by creating a standard look and feel. Designers and developers can use it to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

Google Search Developer Documentation
Helps webmasters and developers optimize their sites for Google Search.

Website Tools

Web Fundamentals
This is a great resource for learning best practices when building web applications.

Google Analytics
Web analytics service provides insights into users’ behavior and website performance.

Google Search Console
Specifically, it’s a web service that lets website owners monitor and maintain their websites’ presence in Google search results.

Google Tag Manager
Marketing and analytics tags can be deployed automatically on websites without the need to modify code.

Google Fonts
Fonts for graphic design and web projects.

Google Optimize
An A/B testing tool for optimizing websites.

Google AMP
Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a framework that allows websites to load quickly and be responsive on mobile devices.

Google PWA
PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) enable developers to create apps like experiences on the web.

Other Tools and Services

Google Earth
Virtual globes, maps, and geographic information available through Google Earth in 3D.

Google Lens
An image recognition search engine that gives information about objects and landmarks.

Google Arts & Culture
A resource for art, culture, and historical artifacts around the world.

Google Scholar
Browse scholarly publications.

Google AdSense
A program that allows website publishers to display targeted ads on their websites and earn money when users click on them.

Google AdWords
An online advertising platform that allows businesses to create and display ads on Google’s search results pages and other websites.

Google Patents
Search engine for patents and patent applications.

Google Flights
Searches and compares flights from different airlines and travel websites.

Google Hotels

Search engine for hotels and price comparison tool for booking hotels from different websites.

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I hope this list can be helpful to you to find and know which are the best tools by Google! In case you have any suggestions, please contact us. Thanks for reading our list of Google Tools.