Blogs give us our daily dose of entertainment, information and venting out. We all have at least one favorite blog that we keep a tab on. Whatever your area of interest is, there is a chance that you will find some or the other blog on the web catering to just it. And if you wonder which the most popular blogs in the world are in terms of traffic and engagement, here goes the top 10 list.

1. Tech Crunch

2. Mashable

3. Gizmodo

4. LifeHacker

5. Engadget

6. Huffington Post

7. Business Insider

8. TMZ

9. Deadspin

10. Gawker

11. Talking Points Memo

12. Gothamist

13. ReadWrite

14. Crooks and Liars

15. TheVerge

16. The Daily Beast

17. Perez Hilton

18. Engadget

19. Cheezburger

20. Jezebel