Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Websites & Apps

Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Websites & Apps

Social media has changed the way people interact, communicate, share emotions and the way love each other.

With sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, the people of world have come closer to build new connections and make new friends and do business.

Today’s Most Popular Social Media Platforms – The List of Apps


Facebook is world’s most favorite and most widely used social networking site.

It is the first social media network to have crossed the benchmark of 1 billion user accounts and has grown into a mammoth having more than 1.59 billion active users monthly.

Facebook has made a dramatic impact on the way people communicate and has hugely affected their social life and activity.

Considered as one of the best medium to connect with friends and family, it has reunited lost friends and family members.

Besides, it allows users to exchange ideas, stay informed on local and international developments, market or promote business through messages or paid Facebook ads, and join people having common interests through open, closed and private groups.

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Youtube is undeniably world’s largest video sharing social network platform, allowing users to share and upload videos, view them, like and comment on them.

It is owned by Google; however it is still recognized as an independent entity for the original place online when it comes to watching any type of video – movies, music videos, TV shows of all the languages on this planet, personal vlogs, etc.

Accessible across the globe, YouTube permits users to create their YouTube channel wherein they can upload their personal video and show it to their followers.

YouTube Red, a premium subscription channel has been launched recently that comes without any advertisements in the videos.

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This microblogging social network allows users to post short text messages, called tweets, in limited characters (140-character limit).

People worldwide have been using Twitter as a medium to express themselves, from emotions to global concerns – anger, love, hatred, politics, movies, music, books, et al. Twitter has also been a favorite social network of high-profile celebrities, which they mostly use to communicate with the real world personally.

The real time functionality of Twitter makes it an effective emergency communication system for breaking news.

Created in March 2006, this microblogging network has changed drastically over the years.

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With approximately more than one billion active users per month, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging provider across the globe.

WhatsApp is a cross platform application that uses an internet connection or the phone’s data plan to send and receive messages. WhatsApp uses the phone number as a user ID and users are enabled to send individual or group messages using text, pictures, video or voice.

Allowing WhatsApp to access the phone’s address book lets all the contacts to be transferred to the app seamlessly.

The app has a few customizable features such as wallpapers, profile picture, status, notification, etc. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014; however, it is still a separate entity.

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If you are working professional, you ought to have a LinkedIn profile.

Available in over 20 languages, LinkedIn has garnered more than 400 million members worldwide and is the most preferred social networking platforms for all types of professionals – doctors, engineers, artists, architects, writers, teachers, business owners, etc.

LinkedIn serves as an ideal podium to connect different businesses, hire candidates, apply for jobs, make vital connections by interacting in group discussions, and much more.

The profiles on LinkedIn are somewhat like extended resumes, having detailed information on education, work experience, certifications, training, awards and recognition and all kind of work related information.

Users can connect with other professionals, post articles and promote themselves as well as their businesses.

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Instagram is unique as it is completely based on sharing photos and videos, and has matured into a highly popular social network.

The platform enables you to share pictures and short videos (1 minute max) real time. Initially available for only iOS platform, the growing popularity led it to expand to Android and Windows operating system.

Like every other social media, Instagram has also gone through changes over the years, with new features and addition of Instagram stories, which is somewhat similar to Snapchat. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for a whopping $1 billion.

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Pinterest is a beautiful instinctive pinboard style platform that shows the importance of visual content on the web.

This photo sharing and bookmarking social media network allows the user to find new ideas in myriad fields, from cooking, home decor, science projects, party invitations to travel, the list is endless.

It is swiftest standalone website to have reached 10 million visits monthly, and is one useful resource to collect pictures that can be classified into separate boards.

Users can pin (save) the desired pictures in their profile under different pinboards.

Today, the platform is increasingly being used for social shopping as users can click buy buttons on pins of products pinned by retailers.

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Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking platform that allows the users to find and follow the things one likes.

Owned by Yahoo since 2013, the service enables users to post multi-media content, create short blogs, and follow other users’ blogs as well.

A prominent way of interaction is reblogging and liking the posts of the users one follows. The website’s features are accessed from Dashboard, which is a live feed of recent posts that users follow, and it allows them to upload texts, images, videos, and hyperlinks. Users can also connect their blogs to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Reddit is a social media network that enables the user to submit content such as text posts and direct links and then vote for the content.

The vote submission determines the position of the posts on the site’s pages.

The content that gets the maximum positive votes from registered users finds its place at the top of the page.

Though the website design is not fancy, it has a strong community of people who interact with one another on the topics of their common interest, sharing relevant photos, videos and links.

The entries of the content are categorized by ‘subreddits’, which are the different areas of interest.

The subreddit topics may range from science, news, movies, gaming, books, food, fitness and many more.

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Quite in vogue amongst school and college going kids, this photo messaging and multimedia mobile app enables a user to chat with friends through pictures or short videos. It is one of the rapidly growing apps currently.

With heaps of features to edit videos and pictures, Snapchat stands out from other image sharing social media networks.

Giving more privacy to the user, a photo that a user sends to a friend, called ‘a snap’ disappears automatically after a few seconds of being viewed. For sharing snaps publicly, users can use another feature called Stories.

The app also enables users to view live stories and explore news around the world.

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