Top 34 Best Free/Paid Social Media Management Tools

Top 34 Best Free/Paid Social Media Management Tools

The use of social media has grown exponentially. If you are devoting time and money to leverage the power of social media to promote your business interest you might as well like to invest in social media management tools to help you improve your ROI. Here we discuss some free and paid social media tools that can help you improve social media marketing.

Here are 34 of the best social media management tools available.

Sprout Social

Do you post excellent posts but often fail to engage with your audience after posting? Sprout Social will change that and help you achieve a surprisingly high level of engagement.

Many big brands have reported being able to reply to a majority of their social media comments within 24 hours with the assistance of Sprout Social. You can integrate this tool with other tools you may be using, like Google Analytics, ZenDesk, Bitly and Feedly.


SocialOomph promises to automate all your social media posts. It is a particular favorite among Twitter lovers. Besides letting you manage all your accounts and profiles with ease, SocialOomph also lets you add powerful analytics to your social media marketing campaigns, thereby helping you strategize better.


HootSuite is among the most popular of social medial tools. The great part of HootSuite is that it lets you manage all your social media accounts from one common dashboard, which means, you get the superpower to attack on all channels simultaneously in the same instance.

Besides the ability to schedule posts and post them on all social platforms in one go, HootSuite also assists you with delegating chores among your teammates.


Buffer is an app that works to simplify your social media marketing campaigns by letting you schedule posts and track the amount of engagement each of them achieved.

It offers a fantastic combination of scheduling and analytics. Besides, it lets you work on numerous accounts and profiles through a common base making your tasks easier. And the app in itself is very easy to use.


If you want all your social media channels to work in tandem with one another, IFTTT is the tool for you. For example, you can set up your Twitter account to perform a certain function in response to some post on Facebook. In addition, IFTTT links to a lot of other apps as well.


Rignite is for small and medium sized businesses. It is an excellent manager of performance analytics, engagement monitoring, marketing campaigns and coupons.

It is compatible with the Shopify platform, and when you link the two, you get data on coupon redemption and sales occurring as a result of social media promotions.


Friends+Me is a scheduling and cross-promotion tool. It works best with Google+ where it works to give you an enhanced SEO rating through updates on your Google+ account.

Being a browser-based tool, Friends+Me is fairly easy to use and comes at a very reasonable cost.


If you want strong analytics, Oktopost is your tool. Besides letting you automate posts and manage many different campaigns from one common backend interface, Okotpost amplifies your social reach in order to generate leads.

This one is particularly good for tracking social media interactions and customer engagement.


SumAll gives you a platform to manage all your social media as well as other digital media marketing campaigns.

It builds some really insightful reports for you to use, and you can access them from any desktop or mobile device. SumAll’s reports are one of the neatest any social media tools would provide.


Tweepi is the tool for Twitter – getting the best results out of the giant microblogging site. It finds you on audience on Twitter based on the category of your business. In addition, Tweepi comes loaded with some cool Twitter tactics to help you increase your followers.

And the right kind of followers at that – it tells you which one of your follower accounts are inactive and of no use to you, so you can remove them.


Percolate goes beyond just social media marketing. If you want one tool that caters to almost all your digital marketing needs, Percolate is the right assistant for you.

So besides social media, it manages your content marketing campaigns, enterprise marketing and growth marketing as well.


DashBurst gives your posts just what they need for driving more engagement – visual content. You can choose from a variety of images from their repository and use them along with your content.

If you like a certain image that you think might suit any of your future posts, you can save them, or ‘Burst’ them on the network for easy access in future. And yes, automation of posts is a given!


SocialFlow aims at achieving the best ROI for your social media campaigns. It optimizes your advertizing budget through in-depth analysis of your posts.

Based on SocialFlow’s insights you can make a sound decision on which of your posts requires the highest boost. The tool will also let you know the best times to post on social media.


If other tools manage your social media activity, Socedo goes one step ahead and works feverishly at finding you excellent leads. It does so based on the interests of people and the relevance of those interests to your business.

Not just this, Socedo also keeps track of these prospective users in real time, and based on that tells you what and when you should be posting.’s Google Analytics Report is not entirely based around social media, but provides insights into your websites performance which you can correlate with your social media activity.

The best feature of is its infographic reports on the performance of your website. These reports are much easier to understand than standard Google Analytics numbers.’s Facebook Insights

A free tool, for Facebook measures your Facebook performance and puts it out in an elegant infographic format. If you wish to present your Facebook analytics to a team during a formal presentation,’s Facebook insights will give you a ready-to-display and easy-to-understand report.


TweetDeck is basically a browser that lets you monitor all your Twitter accounts from a common space. You can set notification alerts on it based on interests, mentions and keywords. The tool is owned by Twitter. Simplicity and ease of usage by a team are the two USPs of TweetDeck.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools caters to your social media, SEO and SMM needs. It tracks engagement on your social media accounts, how your paid ads fared, as well as everything else about your business on the Web.

Therefore, if robust reporting is what you seek, seek Raven Tools.


Sendible is a smart tool for managing overall content marketing. From an integrated easy-to-use dashboard, you can manage the performance and scheduling of your social media posts on multiple platforms. Sendible allows you to distribute tasks among a team with ease.


MavSocial is a fantastic partner for creating visually appealing digital content. It has a huge gallery of images and infographics, which you can use for your posts.

It also has an easy-to-use photo editing software to give your shots a professional touch. In addition, you can use MavSocial for long-term planning of your content strategy, so that all your efforts are cohesively put together with one common intent.


CrowdBooster gives you some really useful analytics data on Facebook and Twitter. The tool can give your social media campaigns a serious boost by telling you what’s working best for you, best times to schedule your posts, and who your most engaged customers are. Even though it works on only Facebook and Twitter, it is extremely in-depth and robust.


AgoraPulse is a CRM tool which integrates with social networks in real time. It lets you post the same content in the same instant on many different social media platforms.

Using AgoraPulse expands the range of opportunities for you on social media by vigilantly tracking your keywords and mentions. It works best with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Tailwind is purely dedicated to Pinterest. You can create posts, manage your Pinterest presence, schedule posts around a 24-hour timeline and measure your Pinterest growth effectively using Tailwind.

Its interface is exceptionally easy to use and analytics undoubtedly sharp. The tool has helped many brands achieve unprecedented engagement and site visits.


Audiense is the official partner of Twitter. The tool assists you in setting up a followership on Twitter and Instagram by determining your best target audience.

Adding further to basic features like automating your posts and telling you the best time to make a post, Audiense also helps you track the Twitter activity of your competitors.

Cision Social Software Tool

Social Software is for managing B2B marketing campaigns. It focuses on generating and analyzing leads. It works on data not just from one network at a time, but gets data from many different platforms, merges it and presents it to you in order to aid better decisions.

Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report

Wolfram Alpha is for individuals aiming to build their personal brand for purposes like promoting their blogs, businesses or their company’s social positioning.

It gives an accurate and insightful breakdown of your profile on Facebook. Based on the results, you can mould your personal social media activity for enhanced popularity.


SocialBro includes an array of tools intended at measuring the performance and outreach of your Twitter account. If your primary social media marketing channel is Twitter, SocialBro’s tweet analytics will serve you well.

You can get the basic version free but more detailed insights come in with a paid version of SocialBro.


BuzzSumo works at helping you improve the quality of your content. It extracts the best examples of content ad posts of your category and presents them to you so you can have an idea on what works best on social media.

So if you are baffled by why your posts don’t get as many likes and shares as they deserve, let BuzzSumo tell you about the tweaking you can do to achieve your targets.


Klout has its clout over 8 popular social networks. Its reports inform you through an easy interface about the performance of your various social media efforts. They are based on more than 400 different metrics.


SharedCounts gives you detailed reports on the performance of your pages or a particular post on social media platforms. You can also use it to compare the performance of your content to that of your competitors.

It’s a great tool for individuals and small businesses, and is completely free of cost.

Edgerank Checker

Edgerank Checker is surprisingly accurate with the suggestions it gives you on increasing your chances of being in the social media feeds of your followers.

It also creates some good reports for you on the performance of your page. It works particularly well for Facebook.

Social Mention

Social Mention lets you get a peek into what’s trending around the Web. Its interface looks similar to a search engine results page and contains information based on your keywords and hashtags. It sources this information from a variety of sources. The tool is free to use.


NutshellMail is for those who are trying to save time on building reports for sharing on email. It builds good quality reports in HTML format that you can directly share in an email.

It is not limited to social media marketing – you can use the tool in much the same way for making performance reports on any page or post on your website.


If you want to know it all about a particular hashtag or a keyword, Keyhole is your partner in your research. It will give you all information like who uses that keyword the most, where those users are located, and who the most influential users of it are.