10 Best Tech Startup News Websites

1. TechCrunch

The Techcrunch is the online publisher of america focused on the publishing the news of the technology industry.

The site publishes the stories about start-ups, silicon valley, venture capital, gadgets, apps, and more.

It also gives updates about the business of tech, tech news, analysis of emerging trends in tech, and upcoming products.

2. Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is california based american magazine and website.

The site aims to publish the entrepreneurship stories and provides advice, insight, profiles, and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs to run the business successfully.

3. Forbes

The american business magazine gets published bi-monthly and features the breaking news and currents updates.

Forbes always keeps its eyes on the latest technology updates and movements of the industry.

4. Mashable

Mashable is the global multimedia company which is focused on the tech and tech-related stories.

The site provides information about gadgets and various tech-related aspects.

5. ProductHunt

Producthunt is the site where a user can find the reviews about various products.

The site aimed to introduce users to new products from each range of latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products in the trends.

6. Reddit Futurology

Futurology is the site about the future. It provides the views and reviews about the particular field’s future and evidence-based speculation.

It also narrates the impact of the upcoming changes on the humanity, technology, and civilization.

7. Tech.co

Started as the simple community whose purpose is to share the thoughts on the tech events turns out to be the corporate media company with millions of readers around the world. It tells the stories of the starts up and guides the beginners.

8. Inc

Inc is the American weekly magazine which focuses on the small businesses and start-ups by telling their stories.

It also gives the tips business plans and marketing.

9. VentureBeat

The American website is the leading source for latest technology news.

The site aims to provide the information to the entrepreneurs, & tech enthusiasts which would be helpful in their decision making.

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