The following are some of the favorite viral websites people love to visit and check trending, news, stories and videos everyday!

1. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed owes the hand on each news, setting an example of the vital journalism. The site tells you each trending story from celeb news to quizzes, food videos to recipes and some interesting DIYs to save you from hassles.

2. UpWorthy

UpWorthy is famous for its viral contents. The site is focusing on where should be the world’s attention by telling the stories which can connect and change the lives.

3. ViralNova

ViralNova is the basic storytelling site. Here you can find out some really hilarious and mind-blowing stories.

4. Zergnet

Zergnet is the site where you can find all kind of contents regarding movies, games, food & drink, entertainment, lifestyle to the viral news. It’s the knowledge sharing community!

5. LittleThings

LittleThings is ready to offer you all your little favorite things through the small motivational and positive stories, few helpful life hacks, and DIYs.

6. Distractify

Distractify is known for its humor mixed trending stories. It’s the leading entertainment company which amazes you with photo-stories.

7. ThoughtCatalog

ThoughtCatalog  is digital youth culture magazine, the collection of your stories. Here you can find out the popular stories about love, sex, daily life and even some spine-chilling creepy one.

8. Ranker

Ranker is the place where you can get a deep ranking list, the list selected by the people.

9. PlayBuzz

PlayBuzz is the platform which is used by the world’s biggest publishers and brands. The site allows the writer to publish their work and monetize it.

10. Uproxx

UpWorthy  the platform which is made for the digital generation. Being the popular culture website, it connects you with the News, sports, music, and entertainment.

11. Policymic

PolicyMic – The purpose of the mic is to catert do millennials and it does it wonderfully by having the higher crowd of the millennials. It basically serves you with news, opinion, reviews, and analysis around arts, entertainment, celebrity, LGBTQ, social justice, police brutality, dating, sex, feminism, body positivity and all other related stuff.

12. KnowYourMeme

Know Your Meme is the one which catalogs memes. Basically, this site documents the Internet phenomena like viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs, trending images, and memes.

13. Daily Dot

The Daily Dot is the site which covers the daily news and culture of the web series. It gives you the latest news and summary reports of what’s happening in the surrounding internet world.

14. TwistedSifter

TwistedSifter is the destination of the creativity and visualization, here, you can find out the best drawings and GIFs in various subjects like photo series portraits, extreme food illustration or travel.

15. Twenty Two Words

TwentyTwoWords is the perfect solution for your Boredom, the site will give you the bunch of stuff ranging from riddles to solve, introduce you to new devices and many more things.

16. Vox

Vox is the site which represents the news of this century and justifies it. Here you can find out the Politics, public policy, world affairs, pop culture, science, business, food, and sports. It not just a news for them, it’s mission to raise the understanding of the news.

17. Cracked

Cracked is American humor magazine. The site offers you with loads of laugh with the funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff from more than 50 years.

18. Elite Daily

Elite Daily is the voice of today’s generation. The site offers the opportunity to raise the voice and freedom to discuss the current issues and trending scenarios which affect today’s generation. Here you can also find politics, art, entertainment and even dating advice.

19. Bored Panda

BoredPanda is the magazine for the bored pandas! The magazine helps the creators and artist with their art, design, and photography. They help their content to turn into viral stories.

20. Masable

Mashable is the multimedia platform. Here, you would find out the various genres of entertainment, tech, social media and many others. The Masable isn’t about curiosity, it’s about the obsession.

21. Witty Feed

WittyFeed – To know what’s going around the world, the witty feed is the perfect place and rescue from boredom. The site deals with trending stories on Lifestyle, Technology, Humor, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Food, Celebrities, and Quiz.

22. Bright Side

Bright Side – This site’s mission is to fill your life with the positivity and inspiration. The site nurtures the seeds of creativity within everyone and turns them into the inspiration & intellectual stories to change the other’s lives.

23. Diply

Diply is the social media platform made for the millennials. The site creates and publishes the content on lifestyle and other aspects.