Clubhouse: The Buzzy Rise of New Trendy Social Audio App

Clubhouse: The Buzzy Rise of  New Trendy Social Audio App

The Big Rise of Clubhouse: The invite to the Exclusive Audio App

When someone says about Clubhouse, what were you thinking? You might be thinking about your summer memories of hanging out with friends in a secret clubhouse. However, this isn’t that Clubhouse. This Clubhouse is the digital Clubhouse app which is the meeting platform for users over 18. It is an invite-only and audio-only app. It has also created a buzz between tweens and teens looking for a new place to meet their friends.

So what is a Clubhouse? But how does it work?

Clubhouse, a live audio-only platform,has a delightfully strange combination of something that sounds boring but fascinating. It’s a kind of podcast that allows a user to speak and listen to what others say. Each room on the app is an event with audio discussion among users. These rooms and clubs are based on searchable themes and keywords that let users know what unites a group or event.

What are the age Restrictions?

There are no parental controls or privacy settings on Clubhouse, but the app asks for a minimum age requirement of 18. There isn’t any actual age-verification system. But just like any other app, anyone can register and get an invite with a fake id and either drop in on any of the conversations going on or start their room.

What are the Potential Risks?

1. Mature content

Users can explore and join any group, which may or may not be age-appropriate. Moreover, topics on Clubhouse cover a wide range of issues, both fringe, and mainstream.

2. Bullying

Clubhouse discussions are uncensored. Therefore, it’s possible that a heated discussion, biased comments, or bullying can take place.

3. Misinformation

When you visit any mall or some other place, you might overhear a dozen different accounts about various types of news, topics, or person. The same comes here on Clubhouse, where comments are the currency. Therefore, misinformation is likely.

4. No Private Accounts

Like other apps, Clubhouse does not have private accounts, or rooms/conversations will remain open by default unless the host makes it private, which means anyone can drop in.

5. Celebrity Hook

This app has attracted many social media influences and celebrities to host their discussions. The content can be unpredictable in these rooms and can be risky for underage users.

Tips for Using the Clubhouse App

The app has different features and hundreds of tutorials to get you started, but we have compiled a list of tips for helping Clubhouse users.

  1. Reserve your username

  2. Take advantage of celebration icon you receive during the first week

  3. Be ready to listen and learn new things

  4. Follow people you’re interested in

  5. Add your social media handles in your bio

  6. Emojis are searchable, so if emojis are your thing, you might want to check that out.

  7. Think outside your business hours because Clubhouse is global – so people are available 24*7 and every single time zone.

  8. Check out rooms and talks on startup early in the morning or late in the evening and even on weekends.

  9. Save rooms which you are interested in into your google or apple calendar.

Bottom lines

The Clubhouse is a game-changer for all people, whether it’s an average person, entrepreneurs, or motivational/public speaker. It is an app you want to be a part of, so go ahead and reserve your username because you may never know who will give you access.