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Resources To Study Social Media Trends in 2018

Over past few years we all have seen that influence of Social Media is getting bigger and bigger. It has become a boon to marketers and advertisers to promote business on this fast rising medium of internet. Use of social media on mobile devices is increasing world over day by day. As a marketer or a small business owner you would want to make best use of this marketing channel and win in the business creating bigger audience and customer base. Below are some handpicked resources which will help you to study all trends and predictions that will make...

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5 Websites that Social Media Enthusiasts will Feed on in 2016

Social media offers a virtually unlimited realm of innovation to developers, and an unrestrained possibility of finding new ways to share and express themselves to individuals. We all have to agree that each social media platform has a shelf life after which it slowly begins to wane in the background while others come in the limelight. A decade ago, Orkut took us by a sweep, only to be replaced a few years later by the ever so pervasive Facebook, and now it’s the turn of younger, more specialized and more sophisticated channels to wear the crown. Adherents of social...

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Best Free Blogging Site of 2018

Free Blog Sites List. 1. 2. Blogger 3. Medium 4. Ghost 5. Tumblr 6. Weebly 7. Wix 8. Squarespace 9. Penzu 10. Webs...

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How to Use Tumblr for Business and Social Media Marketing

If you love to express your opinions online and are seeking a way which is crisper than a blog, but more information-oriented than a regular social networking website, Tumblr is just the right tool for you. Presently owned by Yahoo, Tumblr was launched by David Karp in 2007. The website gets more than 75 million posts every single day, and is therefore a great pedestal to make you heard and seen. [isa_amp_and_regular_adsense] The popular blogging website offers many benefits to both individual and professional users. Here is why you must take the plunge and start using Tumblr: The New,...

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