5 Websites that Social Media Enthusiasts will Feed on in 2021

5 Websites that Social Media Enthusiasts will Feed on in 2021
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Social media offers a virtually unlimited realm of innovation to developers, and an unrestrained possibility of finding new ways to share and express themselves to individuals.

We all have to agree that each social media platform has a shelf life after which it slowly begins to wane in the background while others come in the limelight.

A decade ago, Orkut took us by a sweep, only to be replaced a few years later by the ever so pervasive Facebook, and now it’s the turn of younger, more specialized and more sophisticated channels to wear the crown.

Adherents of social media are discovering new websites, each offering a service different from the other to quench their thirst for novel ways of staying connected to the world digitally. A thorough study of popular social media engines and people’s preferences guesstimates the following 5 to be the best faring social sites of 2020.


1. Instagram

Sharing photographs is a cakewalk on Instagram. As the interest of people in travel and photography rises, simultaneously goes up the popularity of picture sharing sites such as Instagarm. The website lets you artistically edit your pictures besides posting and sharing them.


2. Tumblr

Tumblr lets you share text and media in multiple forms. The USP of Tumblr is that it lets you go private.

You can speak your mind out or share things posted by others without the slightest apprehension of getting judged by friends and acquaintances.

Owing to the ability to hide ones identity, the platform also takes away the inherent pressure associated with social media activity – of getting ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. You follow and are followed solely based on interests.


3. Twitter

In spite of its already mammoth user base Twitter continues to rise further in popularity. The inherent feature of Twitter is the crispness of its messages; and worded right, Tweets can produce the most powerful of effects in social media circles.


4. SnapChat

SnapChat is a texting app that provides for a ‘history-free’ chat. You choose a time limit for your messages after which they evaporate into thin air.

So for those rather secret personal chats, SnapChat is the ideal medium.


5. SlideShare

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of SlideShare is to let individuals create slide based presentations and share them on the platform. The essence of it is highly professional, and it will find a good amount of syncing with LinkedIn accounts.

In addition, there are many more social media websites out there such as Shots, Ello, Hyper, This, Bebo and others waiting to be explored. Get adventurous with social media this year and you may find a gem of a socializing platform for you and your friends.