How to Use Tumblr for Business and Social Media Marketing

How to Use Tumblr for Business and Social Media Marketing

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Here are some Best Tips on How to use Tumblr for Business.

If you love to express your opinions online and are seeking a way which is crisper than a blog, but more information-oriented than a regular social networking website, Tumblr is just the right tool for you.

Presently owned by Yahoo, Tumblr was launched by David Karp in 2007. The website gets more than 75 million posts every single day, and is therefore a great pedestal to make you heard and seen.
The popular blogging website offers many benefits to both individual and professional users.
Here is why you must take the plunge and start using Tumblr:


The New, Improved Tumblr

Tumblr, after having been acquired by Yahoo is now all set to become the next big thing in social networking, especially for teenagers and young adults under the age of 24 years.

It will be a colorful, artistically designed blogging platform for the young generation where they can meet people and share experiences and knowledge.


It Lets You Express Quickly and Conveniently

When on Tumblr, you need not speak your mind out through a full, strategically composed blog. You can say things in as crisp and as short a manner as you like without appearing out of place.


You Can Make Your Tumblr Posts Directly Visible On Other Social Media Sites

Tumblr’s dashboard allows you the feature to send out updates on Twitter and Facebook about any content you post on Tumblr.

You can automate the process and reach out to all your connections on any platform simultaneously.


Pre-Timed Posts On Tumblr Make It Efficient

If you wish to share information that you have already framed in microblogs, at fixed intervals, you can set all of those posts up in a queue.

The setting will post on your behalf at the specified time without you having to do manual uploads.


You Can Use Tumblr To Enhance Traffic Flowing To Your Website

Indexing and the ability to share freely on social networking platforms give Tumblr the SEO advantage.

You can also post links to your website on your Tumblr posts; they will get a good number of clicks if the Tumblr post is able to generate interest among the target audience.


Tumblr Accepts Direct Media Posts of All Kinds

Images, videos, URLs, or interactive text – you can straight away post all sorts of media on Tumblr.


Businesses Can Connect Tumblr To Google Analytics

If you are using Tumblr to promote your business, you can track incoming traffic by linking your account to Google Analytics.

The tool will enhance visibility in the cyber space if used correctly.


Interaction With Others Sharing Common Interests Is Encouraged

Tumblr makes it easy for people to find you and for you to find communities relevant to your interests. Activity and responses are high on this interactive platform.


It’s A Repository of Useful Information

Tumblr is very well used for research and reading into what fellow bloggers post. You can find on this site some of the greatest subject experts voicing their candid opinions on relevant topics.

Give Tumblr a shot and explore how it can be useful for you. With free membership and ease of use, there is no reason why you should not try out the cool, new networking toy!


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