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10 Most Popular Churches in the World

1. St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City 15160 square meters and maximum capacity of 60 thousand 2. Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida 12000 square meters and 45-70 thousand, 1946-1980, receives up to 10 million visits per year. 3. Cathedral of Seville, Spain 11520 square meters and 42 meters in height , 45 wooden carved scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. 4. Cathedral of St. John the Divine, United States 11200 square meters and length of 183.2 meters, window made of 10000 pieces of colored stained glass. 5. Cathedral of Milan, Italy 10186 square meters...

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Top 10 Most Popular Free Online Libraries Websites

Public libraries were the best spots to acquire, gather and build one’s knowledge. Today in the internet age there are many online libraries which can help people find any knowledge and information they want to find. Do check following library websites and explore the knowledge and become wiser with wisdom! Top Websites for Free Online Libraries Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books Project Gutenberg – Free ebooks Google Books Online Books Library Open Library eBooks Bartleby – Books Online Bibliomania – Free Online Literature and Study Guides ManyBooks Open...

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Getting the Best Out of Google

Google is the largest internet company and has introduced number of web products and tools to the world. The biggest and most used product of Google is their SEARCH ENGINE which we call ‘Google’ or ‘Google Search’. We inter any keyword and it gives best results of WebPages. These days Google search algorithm is quite advanced and can easily identify spam web results. Google has many products and one of the rising names in Social Media World is their ‘Plus Google’. People can connect with voice and video chat with hangout function. Gmail is also the most used application...

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The Top 15 Most Popular Reference Websites

These websites help people to find out the meanings and all information almost about anything. Students, teachers and anyone can make use of these websites and increase their knowledge. Check these best websites and get you informed of things you don’t know. 1. Wikipedia 2. Yahoo! Anwers 3. Answers 4. About 5. Wikia 6. eHow 7. Reference 8. WikiHow 9. GoogleBooks 10. HubPages 11. StackExchange 12. HowStuffWorks 13. ChaCha 14. InternetArchive 15. Squidoo...

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Top 10 Most Popular Learn to Code Websites

List of best learn to code websites. Top Websites for learn to code 1.  W3Schools Online Web Tutorials 2.  Code Project 3.  Free & Easy Tutorial for Beginners 4.   Treehouse: Learn Web Design, Web Development 5.  Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library 6.   Code School 7.   CodeGuru – Microsoft Developers Related Ideas, Articles, Tips 8.   Codecademy Online Tutorials...

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